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About Wood borer

Do you see white/yellowish powder in your wooden cupboards/cabinets and it's drawers everyday, which comes back the very next day even if you clean it? If yes, then most likely you have a problem of Wood-borers.

Wood borers (Powder Post Beetles) are tiny beetles whose larvae feed extensively on the wood. The wood worms while emerging make tiny pin size holes on the surface of wooden furniture or fixture. Those tiny holes which you see on wood surface are actually the exit - holes where the adult wood borer has left. The fine yellowish colored powder (Yellow Dust) starts appearing from these tiny holes. This indicates the destructive activity of borers deep inside the core of the wood as these are internal feeders. They feed on the cell contents of the sapwood. While feeding they make tunnels and pupate within the wood. Borers or Powder Post Beetles attack partially or fully seasoned wood with 10-15% moisture. (i.e almost dry condition).

The beetles are more active from March-April and become less active from November onwards and attacks mostly unseasoned wood used in furniture articles like Beds, Dining tables, computer tables, wooden cabinets etc.

There are several methods and options for control of wood borers (commonly known as wood worms). Selecting the best option depends on a number of factors, such as the gravity of infestation, the location of infestation, potential for reinfestation, and cost of treatment. Wood borers and Powder Post Beetles damage wood slowly so there is plenty of time to make a decision on control.

Control Measures

As a treatment wood preservative chemicals are required to be injected into these tiny exit holes with the help of syringe and larvae is targeted as only larvae is responsible for the damage to the wood.

The wood surface is also applied with residual pesticides chemicals having petroleum base. These residual pesticides will stop the current infestation as well as protect against new invaders if they find their way to your precious wooden furniture.